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Zaproszenie do nadsyłania manuskryptów w czasopiśmie „Animals” (Q1, IF=2,323, 100 pkt., wydawnictwo MDPI, Szwajcaria) Genomics and Proteomics in Animal Science


High-throughput omics technologies are powerful technologies that are often implemented in domestic animal species, allowing them to uncover regulatory genes and gene networks related to complex phenotypes, including livestock performance traits. Genomics and proteomic studies may also have an economic impact and prevent adverse health changes. Furthermore, particular biomarkers applied in diagnosing and treating disease can also be the comprehensive indicators for current animal health status.

The Special Issue aims to present the latest work results on basic and applied research that can directly impact animal health and welfare, the economy of animal production, and what is lastly rising as the most crucial matter, the production of safe, healthy food for the consumer. Especially desirable are articles describing the implementation of modern molecular technologies in animal sciences to identify markers and biomarkers for monitoring biological processes and animal health status.

We invite contributions of original research papers and review articles on domestic animals, especially in fields such as genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and epigenomics.

 Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 September 2021




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