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Artur Jóźwik, PhD, DSc

Artur Jóźwik, PhD, DSc

Position: Head of Laboratory of Food Quality of Animal Origin and Feed, Associate Professor at the Department Biotechnology and Nutrigenomics of the Institute of Genetics and Animal Biotechnology PAS

Field of interests: physiology, biochemistry, nutrigenomics

Scientific achievements:  109 papers from JCR list. Total citations 1382. Hirsch index of 21.

Selected scientific achievements:

1) Conducted research revealed the impact of genetic and environmental factors on the reduction of allergy, lactose intolerance and susceptibility to degradation of protein and fat fractions of milk

2) Completed studies on processes of oxidative changes in food quality and products of animal origin, depending on system maintenance.

3) Analysis of bioactive compounds in raw materials and products of animal origin, with particular emphasis on antioxidants and proteolytic enzymes

Realized research projects:

4 Projects of KBN (1-Head of Project, 3- Investigator)

Scientific network Co-Investigator

2 Projects POIG. Head of task

Scientific Supervisor of Diamond Grants

2 project NCBiR, head of task and i Co-Investigator

1) Head of task No 4 the project “BIOFOOD - innovative, functional products of animal origin" co-financed by the European Union within the European Regional Development Fund under the Innovative Economy Operational Programme, 2010-2016.

2) Scientific Supervisor of Diamond Grants No DI2012 024642 The use of by-products of the fruit industry in fattening lambs to obtain meat meeting functional food criteria. 2013-2015

3) Head of work packageand co- Investigator “Assessment of quality of meat of broiler chickens and turkeys fed innovative eubiotics and FERMENT technologies”. NCBiR Project Gutfeed- innovative nutrition for sustainable poultry production. 2015-2018

4) Head of work. Innovative methods of managing apple pomace produced in the processing of apples, allowing to obtain a unique fodder product with multidirectional use in the feeding of dairy cows and calves. NCBiR Project POIR.01.01.01-00-0593/18. 2019-2021


Organizational activity, dissemination and others:

Member of the audit committee of association food for future

Participated and presented science achievements at various of the international conferences  and patents at the International Exhibition of Innovation (Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Lithuania).

Selected publications and patents:

  1. Tewari, D., Jóźwik, A., Łysek-Gładysińska, M., Grzybek, W., Adamus-Białek, W., Bicki, J., Strzałkowska, N., Kamińska, A., Horbańczuk, O.K., Atanasov, A.G. 2020 - Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum l.) seeds dietary supplementation regulates liver antioxidant defense systems in aging mice. Nutrients, 12 (9), art. no. 2552, pp. 1-12. IF of 4.546
  2. Yeung, A.W.K., Tzvetkov, N.T., Jóźwik, A., Horbanczuk, O.K., Polgar, T., Pieczynska, M.D., Sampino, S., Nicoletti, F., Berindan-Neagoe, I., Battino, M., Atanasov, A.G. 2020 - Food toxicology: quantitative analysis of the research field literature. International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, 71 (1), pp. 13-21.; IF of 2.792
  3. Wieczorek, A., Lysek-Gladysinska, M., Krol, T., Kordos, K., Kosińska, K., Atanasov, A.G., Strzalkowska, N., Jóźwik, A. 2019 - Biochemical and morphological changes in mouse liver induced by mistletoe toxins. Food and Chemical Toxicology, 129, pp. 229-238.; IF of 3.775
  4. Lipińska, P., Atanasov, A.G., Jóźwik, A. 2019 - Effects of polyphenol-rich chokeberry pomace feeding on antioxidant enzymes activity and oxidation-related parameters in lamb muscle tissues. Journal of Berry Research, 9 (1), pp. 95-108.; IF of 2.379
  5. Jóźwik, A., Marchewka, J., Strzałkowska, N., Horbanczuk, J.O., Szumacher-Strabel, M., Cieslak, A., Lipinska-Palka, P., Józefiak, D., Kaminska, A., Atanasov, A.G. 2018 - The effect of different levels of Cu, Zn and Mnnanoparticlesin hen turkey diet on the activity of aminopeptidases. Molecules, 23 (5), art. no. 1150, IF of 3.060
  6. Godziszewska, J., Guzek, D., Głąbska, D., Jóźwik, A., Brodowska, M., Głąbski, K., Zarodkiewicz, M., Gantner, M., Wierzbicka, A. 2017 – Nutrient oxidation in pork loin is influenced by feed supplementation and packing methods. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 56, 18-24. IF of 2.752;
  7. Tatara, M.R., Krupski, W., Charuta, A., Brodzki, A., Jóźwik, A., Strzałkowska, N., Poławska, E., Chmielowiec, K., Horbańczuk, J.O. 2016 – Morphological, densitometric and mechanical properties of pelvic limb bones in 14-month-old female ostriches (Struthio camelus). Poultry Science 95, 10, 2421-2426. IF of 1.908;
  8. Rutkowska, J., Białek, M., Bagnicka, E., Jarczak, J., Tambor, K., Strzałkowska, N., Jóźwik, A., Krzyzewski, J., Adamska, A., Rutkowska, E. 2015 Effects of replacing extracted soybean meal with rapeseed cake in corn grass silage-based diet for dairy cows. Journal of Dairy Research 82, 161-168. IF of 1.409;
  9. Jóźwik, A., Strzałkowska, N., Bagnicka, E., Grzybek, W., Krzyzewski, J., Poławska, E., Kołataj, A., Horbańczuk, J.O. 2012 – Relationship between milk yield, stage of lactation, and some blood serum metabolic parameters of dairy cows Czech Journal of Animal Science 57, 353-360. IF of 0.741;
  10. Jóźwik, A., Krzyzewski, J., Strzałkowska, N., Poławska, E., Bagnicka, E., Wierzbicka, A., Niemczuk, K., Lipińska, P., Horbańczuk, J.O. 2012 Relations between the oxidative status, mastitis, milk quality and disorders of reproductive functions in dairy cows. Animal Science Papers and Reports 30, 297-307. IF of 0.725;



No. P.412491 Method for obtaining the culinary meat of an ostrich

No. P.414678 Method for producing a ready for consumption meal from ostrich meat and the ready for consumption meal from ostrich meat

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