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Prof. Chomczynski  award  for Dr. Ewa Poławska and Dr. Tadeusz Blicharski



Prof. Dr hab. Jarosław Horbańczuk


Director of the Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding PAN



Dear Proffesor,


I would like to inform you that the IGHZ Director's Prize and Prof. P. Chomczynski decided (by majority) to award prof. Piotr Chomczyński for the year 2015 dr Ewa Poławska and dr Tadeusz Blicharski for his contribution to the development of inventions: (1) "Method of production of controlled-allergenic pork meat products", (2) "Method of production of pig meat products", (3) "Application of three- And a modified atmosphere for the packaging of healthy pig products. "


Inventions have been developed within the framework of the BIOIVITY project coordinated by our Institute, which consisted of the staff of IGHZ PAS and the Warsaw School of Economics; All have patents. In addition, these inventions have won awards and distinctions at international exhibitions and fairs.


            Dr Ewa Poławska was part of the teams reporting all three inventions. Her involvement in the development of the inventions was significant and consisted, among others. Development of innovative technologies, analysis of bioactive ingredients in finished products, preparation of patent applications and active presentation of innovative products at exhibitions and fairs abroad.


The prize of 3 thousand. USD, provided by prof. P. Chomczynski, let us divide as follows: 2/3 of the sum for dr. Ewa Poławska; 1/3 of the sum for Dr. Tadeusz Blicharski.


            Dr Ewa Poławska and Dr Tadeusz Blicharski submitted the candidatures of the head of the Department of Animal Development of IGHZ PAN, prof. Dr hab. Marek Łukaszewicz (application attached).


            Since there were no Best Director nominations for the best publications and a PhD, we propose not to award these awards for 2015.



With respect,


Chairman of the Chapter




Prof. Dr hab. Lech Zwierzchowski




Jastrzebiec,  May 17, 2016