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Proteomics Laboratory

  1. MALDI-TOF ultrafleXtreme Bruker TM

The mass spectrometer UltrafleXtreme is one of the latest technological advances in the field of mass spectrometry type MALDI-TOF / TOF, it offers great opportunities in clinical proteomic analysis with Top-Down protein sequences, searching for biomarkers or imaging MALDI tissue protein profiles ,. UltrafleXtreme is the ideal tool in research covering the following issues:

• Identification of 2D peptide mass fingerprinting (MS and MS / MS)
• Identification and quantitative analysis of proteins by LC-MALDI (supports most isotopic labeling methods, ie ICPL, iTRAQ or ICAT)
• Advanced biomarkers analysis
• MALDI Imaging (imaging of tissues to investigate spatial distribution of different molecules based on their masses)
• de novo sequencing (LID or high-energy CID mode)

  1. amaZon speed ETD Bruker TM

The amaZon speed ETD mass spectrometer is an ion trap type analyzer that works with liquid chromatography (LC-MS / MS) systems to perform multiple MSn fragmentation experiments. Features of the system:

• The widest possible range of standard mass - 6,000 m / z
• Possibility to test positive and negative ions of the same LC peak with polarity switching time <1 ms
• The best sensitivity and accuracy of the masses among ion traps
• Libraries for MS and MSn analyzes
• Protein / peptide analysis software, biomarkers, metabolites, de novo sequencing, etc.
• Compass integrated software suite for controlling most commercially available HPLC, nanoLC and autosamplers
• Possibility to validate IQ / OQ / PV

  1. The UltiMate® 3000 Nano LC systems Dionex
  2. Proteineer fc II TM -The LC-MALDI Fraction Collector Bruker TM
  3. Image Prep TM -Patented Matrix Preparation for MALDI Tissue Imaging Bruker TM
  4. EXQuest Spot Cutter Bio-rad

Proteinscape software enables interactive data analysis using MASCOT server, scripting for auto-optimization, and integration with the software package for comprehensive proteomic project management.