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Scientific Council

The Scientific Council of the Institute is a collective body, the principal aim of which is the supervision over the scientific activities of the Institute and in particular over the standard of the work performed, as well as the development of the scientific staff. Among the duties of the Scientific Council are:

  • voting the Institute statute;
  • accepting programmes and plans for research work;
  • accepting reports on the Institute’s activities;
  • supervision of postgraduate studies;
  • consulting and submitting applications for the approval of scientific degrees

The works of the Council are managed by the Chairman of the Board - professor Ryszard Słomski, PhD, DSc.
The Secretary of the Council is Nina Strzałkowska, , PhD, DSc.

List of members of the IGiHZ PAN Scientific Council in Jastrzębiec  for the 2019 - 2022 term:

  1. Professor Emilia Bagnicka
  2. Professor Joanna Barłowska, PhD, DSc
  3. Professor Anna Charuta, PhD, DSc
  4. Professor Robert Eckert, PhD, DSc
  5. Aleksandra Górecka-Bruzda, PhD, DSc
  6. Professor Krystyna Gutkowska , PhD, DSc
  7. Professor Jarosław Horbańczuk, PhD, DSc
  8. Artur Jóźwik, PhD, DSc
  9. Grzegorz Juszczak, PhD
  10. Professor Agnieszka Korwin-Kossakowska, PhD, DSc
  11. Professor Jan Kotwica, PhD, DSc
  12. Professor Zygmunt Kowalski, PhD, DSc
  13. Joanna Feder-Kubis, PhD, DSc
  14. Dorota Lewczuk , PhD, DSc
  15. Professor Paweł Lipiński, PhD, DSc
  16. Paweł Lisowski, PhD, DSc
  17. Professor Marek Łukaszewicz, PhD, DSc
  18. Rafał Mazgaj MSc
  19. Professor Tomasz Motyl , PhD, DSc
  20. Krzysztof Niemczuk, PhD, DSc
  21. Professor Zygmunt Pejsak          , PhD, DSc
  22. Professor Mariusz Pierzchała, PhD, DSc
  23. Anna Piliszek, PhD, DSc
  24. Professor Zygmunt Reklewski, PhD, DSc
  25. Mariusz Sacharczuk, PhD, DSc
  26. Tomasz Sakowski, PhD, DSc
  27. Professor Aleksander Sieroń, PhD, DSc                                 
  28. Professor Cezary Sławiński, PhD, DSc                                    
  29. Professor Ryszard Słomski, PhD, DSc
  30. Professor Zdzisław Smorąg, PhD, DSc
  31. Nina Strzałkowska, PhD, DSc
  32. Rafał Starzyński, PhD, DSc
  33. Professor Małgorzata Szumacher, PhD, DSc
  34. Professor Tomasz Szwaczkowski, PhD, DSc
  35. Professor Marek Świtoński, PhD, DSc
  36. Professor Agnieszka WierzbickaPhD, DSc   
  37. Professor Grzegorz Zięba, PhD, DSc
  38. Professor Jan F. Żmudziński, PhD, DSc