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    Institute of Genetics and Animal Biotechnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences
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Zakład Genomiki i Bioróżnorodności


  1. Cytogenetic and molecular studies on farm animals related to fertility problems and birth malformations.
  2. Studies of genetic variation of populations of wild and domesticated animals based on molecular markers in order to improve protection programs, develop optimal breeding system and reintroduction capability of endangered species.
  3. Gene expression studies based on comparison of transcriptomic and proteomic profiles in various stages of ontogenetic development of livestock with regard to performance traits and quality of animal products.
  4. Implementation of new methods of molecular analysis in nutrigenomics studies.
  5. There are plans to extend the current studies with modern research techniques in the field of molecular genetics, with particular reference to transcriptomics and proteomics.
  6. Wider studies are also planned with the use of expression microarrays to identify differences in gene expression, as well as studies of variations in gene expression directly responsible for phenotypic variation of traits. As the introduction to the practice of genomic breeding value estimation of pigs, the SNP microarray studies are planned.
  7. In the field of molecular phylogenetics the research to identify and protect the biological diversity of domesticated and wild species, especially endangered species will be conducted.
  8. The phylogeny studies on paternal lineages (Y-STR markers), maternal lineages (mtDNA) and on a population level will be performed using the modern molecular techniques and bioinformatics.