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Zakład Biotechnologii i Nutrigenomiki

Selected achievements

  • It hashas been confirmed that milk yield and lactation stage influence the activity of liver enzymes, cholesterol, and vitamin C content in blood of cows. These parameters can be implemented in diagnostics of health status of high yielding cows [Jóźwik et al., 2012 – Czech Journal of Animal Science CJAS-D-11-00104R1; Strzałkowska et al., 2009 – Animal Science Papers and Reports 27, 95-105, 199-206.
  • Supplementation of gluthatione precursors (N-acetylcysteine) to ruminants’ diet increase antioxidant status of their organisms, as reflected by lowering the content of lipid peroxidation products in milk and blood [Bagnicka et al., 2008 – Archiv für Tierzucht - Archives of Animal Breeding 51, 582-587; Jóźwik et al., 2010 – Animal Science Papers and Reports 28, 143-152; Bagnicka et al., 2011 – Central European Journal of Immunology 36, 5-8].
  • Lin cake addition to ruminant diet stimulates higher milk yield and more favorable fatty acids profile by increasing 10-fold the CLA content in milk, simultaneously lowering saturated fatty acids (C12-C16) content [Jóźwik et al., 2010 – Animal Science Papers and Reports 28, 245-251].
  • Supplementation of oil seeds (linseed and rapeseed) to ostrich diet favorably affects the nutritive value and health promoting properties of ostrich meat (highest amount of n-3 fatty acids: ALA, EPA and DHA) especially when the supplementation of linseeds is at the 4% level in the diet [Poławska et al., 2012 – Animal Science Papers and Reports 30, 65‑72; Poławska et al., 2012 – CYTA Journal of Food DOI:10.1080/19476337. 2012.680916; Poławska, Horbańczuk, Pierzchała et al., 2012, –Meat Science, submitted].
  • Grazing of cows increases aminopeptidase and glicosidase enzymes activity resulting in a decrease of negative effects connected with the occurrence of allergic reactions and intolerance of milk in human [Jóźwik et al., 2008 – Animal Science Papers and Reports 26, 49-57].
  • In cooperation with Western University in Australia (Professor I. Malecki) was elaborated non-invasive method of collecting semen from ostriches using dummy metod and obtained first chicks with the application of artificial insemination [Rybnik, Horbańczuk, Malecki et al., 2007 – BritishPoultryScience 48,5, 635-664; Ciereszko A., Horbańczuk, Malecki et al., 2010 Animal Reproduction Science 122, 222-228; Rybnik, Horbańczuk, Malecki et al., 2012 – British Poultry Science53, 134-140].
  • It was shown that allele *16 of the DRB3 gene of bovine histocompatibility complex (BoLA) was associated with lower somatic cell count in milk of the Polish Holstein-Friesian cows. It can be concluded that BoLA-DRB3 gene is a promising candidate gene for mastitis-resistance selection in dairy cow population [Sender et al., 2008 – Archiv für Tierzucht 51, 111-119; Abdel Hameed et al., - 2008 – Animal Science Papers and Reports26 (1), 37-48].
  • Identification of the polymorphic forms of bovine and caprine beta-defensin genes and stating of their association with animal production traits [Bagnicka et al., 2007 – Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics 124, 150-156; Bagnicka et al., 2008 – Animal Science Papers and Reports 26, 239-250].