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Katarzyna Filimonow, PhD

Scientific interest

Preimplantation development of mammalian embryo, epithelial-mesenchymal transition

Research description

Differentation of first embryo lineages: epiblast, primitive endoderm (hypoblast) and trophectoderm, EMT (epithelial-mesenchymal transition) in mammalian development.


1. Post-doc in Sonata Bis 2017/26/E/NZ3/01205. 

Organizing conferences, Popular Science, etc.

Member of BSDB (British Society of Developmental Biology); Member of VSDB (Visegrad Society of Developmental Biology); Volunteer on “Parnas Conference” (Warszawa, 2011); Volunteer konferencji “Polish Scientific Network Conference” (Warszawa, 2015); Member of Organizing Committee “Mammalian Embryology Conference (Warszawa, 2013); Member of Organizing Committee  „From oocyte to Embryo”, Jastrzębiec 2019; Member of Sørkapp Marine Litter Cleanup Expedition, Svalbard 2020.

Wybrane publikacje i patenty

Filimonow K., Saiz N., Suwinska A., Wyszomirski T., Grabarek J.B., Ferretti E., Plusa B., Maleszewski M. (2018)  No evidence of involvement of E-Cadherin in cell fate specification and separation of Epi and PrE in mouse blastocyst.

Wigger M.1, Switon K. 1, Filimonow K.1, Plusa B., Maleszewski M., Suwinska A. (2017) Plasticity of the inner cell mass in mouse blastocyst is resctricted by the activity of FGF/MAPK pathway. Sci Rep, Nov 9;(7):15136

Krupa M., Mazur E., Szczepańska K., Filimonow K., Maleszewski M., Suwińska A. (2014) Allocation of inner cells to epiblast vs primitive endoderm in the mouse embryo is biased but not determined by the round of asymmetric divisions (8→16- and 16→32-cells) Dev Biol, 385:136-48.

Filimonow K. (2013) Transgenic animals, chapter in “Use and pathology of laboratory animals” ed. by Józef Szarek, Magdalena Szweda and Emilia Strzyżewska (University of Warmia and Mazury Press.

Filimonow K., Krupa M., Suwińska A. (2013) The first developmental decisions – cell differentiation in preimplantation mouse embryo, Postepy Biochem. 59 (2):131 – 43. Review Polish. KF and MK contributed equally to this work

Filimonow K., Wawrzyniak M., Maleszewski M., Kaczmarek L. (2010) Obtaining transgenic mouse with tetracyclin reversed transactivator under control of the EF1 alpha promoter by microinjection of DNA in higher than standard concentration into pronucleus. Transgenic Research. Meeting abstract 19(2):328.

Scientific Profile: