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Magdalena Solka, PhD


Assistant Professor of the Institute of Genetics and Animal Biotechnology PAS


Field of interest

molecular genetics, animal breeding, biodiversity in animal populations, animal nutrition, especially poultry nutrition


Scientific achievements

ca. 25 publications, 20 papers from JCR list, including Molecular Biology Reports, Poultry Science. Author/co-author of ca. 20 conference reports, 1 review and 5 popular-science articles. Total citations ca. 132, incl. citations in British Poultry Science, Poultry Science and PLoS ONE. Hirsch index – 6.


Selected scientific achievements

1.The pioneer of research on Ratite genetics in Poland by characterizing the genetic structure of the ostrich population in Poland using mini- and microsatellite sequences indicating a low differentiation among studied breeds.
2.She has demonstrated the suitability of selected microsatellite sequences for ostrich genome mapping and to study the relationship between these markers and QTL.
3.She proved the high specificity of the flanking chicken microsatellite sequences in relation to microsatellite amplification of Struthio camelus species.
4. Awards: of the Director of IGAB, PAS, Jastrzębiec for the highest published scientific paper of young scientist “Genetic Characteristics of the Ostrich Population Using Molecular Methods”, Poultry Science, 2007, 86: 277-281, (2008) and of the Rector of Warsaw University of Life Sciences for scientific achievements (2015)


Realized research projects

Principal Investigator of research projects: “Genetic analysis of the polish ostrich population using molecular methods” (2003-2005) and “Amplification of microsatellite polymorphism in the genetic mapping of the ostrich” (2009-2011) within State Committee For Scientific Research and National Science Centre.
Co-investigator in research projects concerning mapping of QTL of postal analgesia in a laboratory mouse and genetic study of depressive behavior in laboratory mice using genetic markers and gene expression analysis.
Also Co-Investigator in research projects concerning analysis of candidate genes affecting egg quality traits in laying hens and determining fat in meat-type chickens.


Organizational activity, dissemination and others

Member of the Warsaw Department of Polish Genetic Society, guest lecture at the University of Life Sciences and teacher of professional subjects in the School Complex of Agricultural Center Basic Education in Piaseczno in 2009 - 2011.


Selected publications and patents

Kawka M., Horbańczuk J.O., Sacharczuk M., Zięba G., Łukaszewicz M., Jaszczak K., Parada R., (2007) – Genetic characteristics of the Ostrich population using molecular methods. Poultry Science, 86, 277-281, IF=1.60
Kawka M., Parada R., Jaszczak K., Horbańczuk J.O., (2012) - The use of microsatellite polymorphism in genetic mapping of the ostrich (Struthio camelus). Molecular Biology Reports 39: 3369-3374, IF=2.929
Kawka M., Horbańczuk J.O., Jaszczak K., Pierzchała M., Cooper R.G., (2012) – A search for genetic markers associated with egg production in the ostrich (Struthio camelus). Molecular Biology Reports, 39:7881-7885, IF=2.929
Tasirnafas M., Seidavi A., Rasouli B., Kawka M.,  (2015) - Effects of different vegetable wastage and energy level on performance and haematology in ostrich chick diet. Tropical Animal Health and Production, 47, 1017-1026, IF=0.87

R. Parada, M. Kawka, M. Sacharczuk, P. Urbański, K. Jaszczak (2018) - Cytogenetic and genetic study  of a Y –linked microsatellite polymorphism in Polish Black-and-White cattle breed – Saudi Journal of Biological Science 25(7):1406-1410, IF=2.82

Nikravesh-Masouleh T, Seidavi A, Kawka M, and Dadashbeiki M. (2018) – The effect of dietary energy and protein on body weight, size, and microflora of ostrich chicks – Tropical Animal Health and Production, 50(3):635-641, IF=0.97

Parada R, Malewski T, Jaszczak K, Kawka M. (2018) – Alternative transcription of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma in the liver is associated with fatness of chickensBrazilian Journal of Poultry Science, 20(3):447-454, IF=0.607

Zahirian M, Seidavi A, Solka M, Nosrati M. and Corazzin M. (2019) – Dietary supplementation of Aspergillus oryzae meal and its effect on performance, carcass characteristics, blood variables and immunity of broiler chickens – Tropical Animal Health and Production, 51(8):2263-2268, IF=1.089

Parada R, Malewski T, Jaszczak K. and Solka M. (2019) –  Expression profiling of  functional candidate genes for abdominal fat weight and relative abdominal fat in liver broilers – Animal Science Papers and Reports, 37(4):345-353, IF=0.697 

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