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Professor Jarosław Olav Horbańczuk, PhD, DSc

Field of interest-  genetics, animal breeding, food quality and  nutrigenomics

Scientific achievements ca. 350 publications, 75 papers from JCR list, including Nature. Autor of 11 books. Total citations ca. 1000, incl. citations in  Science and  Nature. Hirsch index – 20.

Selected scientific achievements:

1.The pioneer of research on ostrich biology and production in the Middle and Eastern Europe; facilitated introduction of ostriches to this part of Europe, his books edited in 6 languages are the valuable source of knowlegde about ostriches. 

2.Author/co-author of 9   inventions – patents on technology of  health-promoting functional food products awarded with gold medals on World Exhibition Inventions in Brussels, Barcelona and Pittsburgh, USA:

4. He proved on animal model that ostrich meat enriched in bioactive compounds is a valuable source of available heme iron and is recommended in diet for human with iron deficiences  (P-414678) ). The team under his supervision was granted, one of the most prestigious award -THE BEST INVENTION OF EUROPE 2016 on America’s Largest International Invention Show in USA. Awards:  Polish V-Prime Minister, Minister of Science and Higher Education – The Ambassador of  Innovation (2016) and by Kingdom of Belgium Committee for distinction – Officer’s Cross for special  achievements for European  inventions,  and British  Innovation Award (2016)

     Realized research projects - Coordinator of the Centre of Excellence in Genomics,  Biotechnology and Quality of Animal Products ANIMBIOGEN in EU project  (2009-2012) within 7th  Framework Programme of the EU,

2)  Coordinator of the project-  „BIOFOOD –innovative functional products of animal origin”,  2010-2015 within consortium  of 16 partners and 43 tasks, 500 research staff


Organizational activity, dissemination and others –  Polish Member of Animal Task Force in EU in Brussels as a country representative ,   Evaluator of research projects in UE in Brussles   in Horizon 2020,  Member of Management Board at National Council of Research Project Coordinators, member of European Association of Research Managers and Administrators.  INTERNATIONAL TRAINING:  Israel (1998), South Africa (1999), Australia (20023/04) and  USA (2009).  Presented lectures in 45 countries: USA (incl. Harvard University) ,South Africa, Israel, Australia,  Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Japan,  South Korea, China, Hongkong, &Europe


Selected publications and patents:

Horbańczuk J.O., The Ostrich, Wyd. European Ostrich Group, Dania 2002.

M.A. G. de Bakker, D.A. Fowler, K.Oude, E. M. Dondorp, M. C.Navas, J. O. HORBANCZUK, J.-Y.Sire, D.Szczerbińska, M.K. Richardson -2013 -  Digit loss in archosaur evolution and the interplay between selection and constraints. „Nature”. 500 (7463), s. 445-448. IF= 42,3

J. HORBANCZUK, J. Sales, T. Celeda, A. Konecka i inni.-1998- Cholesterol cont;ent and fatty acid composition of ostrich meat as influenced by subspecies.-Meat Science 50,3 385-388, IF=3,5

Huminiecki L, HORBANCZUK J., 2017 - Can We Predict Gene Expression by Understanding Proximal Promoter Architecture? Trends in Biotechnology,  doi.org/10.1016/j.tibtech.2017.03.07, IF=12,1 .

Huminiecki L., HORBANCZUK J.,  2017, Atanasov,A.G., 2017 - The functional genomic studies of curcumin. Seminar Cancer in Biology,  doi.org/10.1016/j.semcancer.2017.04.002, IF=10,0.

HORBAŃCZUK J.O  et al. 2015  – Innovative  technology of dried ostrich meat production  with enhanced nutritive value and health promoting properties (P.414678)




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