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Professor Mariusz Pierzchała PhD. DSc.


Head of Department of Genomics and Biodiversity

Research interests / Research areas

molecular biology, structural and functional genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, nutrigenomics, systemic biology, animal genetics, gene mapping (QTL).

Scientific Achievement: / Research outcome

Approximately 230 scientific articles, including 5 chapters in books, 116 original works, including 69 from the JCR list, a total citation of about 770, Hirsch index 15.

Selected scientific achievements

1. Pioneering research on the mapping of genes influencing the quality of pig carcasses within the Polish Pig Genome Mapping Project 1999, and the international project  "Identification and mapping of candidate genes for carcass and meat quality in pigs" - INCO- COPERNICUS - 2003 - CT960902,

2. Identification of candidate gene polymorphisms associated with the performance and reproductive traits and of pigs.

3. Examination of transcriptomic profiles changes of genes related to muscle tissue development in different breeds of pigs.

4. Identification of biomarkers of pig meat quality attributes based on gene expression analysis within the European Q-PorkChains project - 2011.

5. Nutrigenomic studies - investigations of whole transcriptomic profiles associated with supplementation of bioactive feed components of WNKT under the "Bio-Food" project - 2014.

6. Model studies on the effect of bioactive components of the diet on the occurrence of metabolic disorders, including the deregulation of liver metabolism, leading to the development of civilization diseases.

7. Genomic and proteomic analyzes related to the development and progression of liver and mammary tumors.


Research projects  / Realized research projects


Leader of 6 projects/tasks and contractor in 7 research projects, including 4 EU projects, 1) Subtask -manager 3.4. Within the project - BIOFOOD: Using molecular methods to verify the genetic basis of quality characteristics of pig meat, in implementation, subcontractor 3.3. within the framework of the project - BIOFOOD – “Innovative, functional products of animal origin" under the Operational Program Innovative Economy, Strategic Research and Development Programs, 2010-2013; 2) sub-contracted in the project: CT960902 "Identification and mapping of candidate genes for carcass and meat quality in pig" - INCO-COPERNICUS (coordinated by University of Hohenheim - Germany) financed by 5-PR EU. 3) Co-coordinator of research in the Polish part of the EU Q-PorkChains project (FP6-036245-2): "Improving the quality of pork and pork products for the consumer: products matching consumer demands "4) supervisor/project manager within the Leading National Research Centre - Scientific Consortium "Healthy Animal - Safe Food" entitled: “The effect of a diet with different levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids - omega6 / omega3 on the metabolism of the mouse liver - proteomic analyzes”. 2016-2019. 5) coordinator of research carried out under the consortium of UP Lublin and IGBZ PAN within the project - OPUS 18 NCN entitled: “Identification and functional characteristics of mtDNA mutations in malignant tumors of the mammary gland in dogs based on genomic, epigenomic and proteomic studies:. 2020-2024


Organization, dissemination and others / Organisational activity, dissemination and others

Organisational activity, dissemination and others

Member of the Board of the Foundation of Members of the Faculty of Agricultural, Forestry and Veterinary Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences -Pro Scientia et Vita -2002-2006, 2) Member of the Breeding Council of the "Polish Poultry Breeders and Producers Association -POLSUS" since 2009, 3) Member of the Scientific Council of IGiHZ PAN in Jastrzębie since 2011, 4) Member of the Scientific Unit Evaluation Team for the years 2012-2013.


Academic activities: lectures at the University of Life Sciences in Lublin (since 1999), SGGW (2010-2011), IGAB PAS Jastrzębiec (lectures for PhD students) (2000-2017), lectures for pig farmers in the EPSPA congress, Warsaw, 13.06. , 2007.

International cooperation, i.e., Wageningen University - Netherlands, Harvard Medical School -the USA, BOKU -University - Austria, University of Hohenheim - Germany, Archus University - Denmark


Coordinator of the workshop: "Workshop on methods of gene expression measurement in animal breeding and quality of animal products" within the framework of "The Center of Excellence (CoE) in Genomics, Biotechnology and Quality of Animal Products in Sustainable Production Systems with consideration of Animal Welfare - ANIMBIOGEN in EU (FP7). 2009-2012;


Selected publications:

te Pas, M.F.W., Kruijt, L., PIERZCHALA, M., Crump, R.E., Boeren, S., Keuning, E., Hoving-Bolink, R., Hortos, M., Gispert, M., Arnau, J., Diestre, A., and Mulder, H.A. (2013) Identification of proteomic biomarkers in M. Longissimus dorsi as potential predictors of pork quality. Meat Science, 95(3): p. 679-687.


PIERZCHALA, M., Hoekman, A.J.W., Urbanski, P., Kruijt, L., Kristensen, L., Young, J.F., Oksbjerg, N., Goluch, D., and te-Pas, M.F.W. (2014) Validation of biomarkers for loin meat quality (M. longissimus) of pigs. Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics, 2014. (4): p. 258-70


Juszczuk-Kubiak, E., Bujko, K., Grześ, M., Cymer, M., Wicińska, K., Szostak, A., PIERZCHALA, M. (2016) Study of bovine Mef2B gene: The temporal-spatial expression patterns, polymorphism and association analysis with meat production traits. Journal of Animal Science, 94(11):4536-4548.


Szostak, A., Ogłuszka, M., Te Pas, M.F.W., Poławska, E., Urbański, P., Juszczuk-Kubiak, E., Blicharski, T., Pareek, C.S., Dunkelberger, J.R., Horbańczuk, J.O., PIERZCHALA, M. (2016) Effect of a diet enriched with omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids on the pig liver transcriptome. Genes and Nutrition 11 (1) p. 1-17


Ogłuszka, M., Szostak, A., te Pas, M. F., Poławska, E., Urbański, P., Blicharski, T., Pareek C.S. Juszczuk-Kubiak E., Dunkelberger R., Horbańczuk J.O., PIERZCHALA, M. (2017). A porcine gluteus medius muscle genome-wide transcriptome analysis: dietary effects of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids on biological mechanisms. Genes & nutrition, 12(1), 4. DOI: 10.1186/s12263-017-0552-8


Pareek C.S., Błaszczyk P., Dziuba P., Czarnik U., Fraser L., Sobiech P., PIERZCHAŁA M., Feng Y., Kadarmideen H.N., Kumar D. (2017) Single nucleotide polymorphism discovery in bovine liver using RNA-seq technology. PLoS ONE 12: 2      e0172687      


Herosimczyk A., Lepczyński  A., Ożgo M., Barszcz M., Jaszczuk-Kubiak E., PIERZCHAŁA M., Tuśnio A., Skomiał J.(2017) Hepatic proteome changes induced by dietary supplementation with two levels of native chicory inulin in young pigs. Livestock Science 203:54-62


Ogłuszka M., Te Pas M.F.W., Poławska E., Nawrocka A., Stepanow K., PIERZCHAŁA M. (2020) Omega-3 alpha-linolenic fatty acid affects the level of telomere binding protein trf1 in porcine skeletal muscle. Animals 10(6): 1090 1 12


PIERZCHAŁA M., Pierzchała D., Ogłuszka M., Poławska E., Blicharski T., Roszczyk A., Nawrocka, A., Urbański P., Stepanow K., Ciepłoch A., Korwin-Kossakowska A., Te Pas M.F.W., Slaska B., Buszewska-Forajta M., Jaśkowski, J.M., Sachajko M., Herudzińska M., Jaśkowski B.M., Niżański, W., Fraser L., Czarnik U., Kadarmideen H.N., Pareek C.S. (2020) Identification of differentially expressed gene transcripts in porcine endometrium during early stages of pregnancy. Life 10: 5-68


Kowal, K., Tkaczyk A., Ząbek T., PIERZCHAŁA M., Ślaska, B. (2020) Comparative analysis of CpG sites and islands distributed in mitochondrial DNA of model organisms.       Animals 10: 4-665


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