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Note to contributors

(Anim. Sci. Pap. Rep.) is an English language quarterly published by the Institute of Genetics and Animal Biotechnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Jastrzębiec. Papers are welcome reporting studies in all aspects of animal breeding and genetics, reproduction, animal biotechnology, physiology, ethology and welfare. Critical review papers and short reports will also be considered and in justified cases also other original articles dealing with animal science and production.

Impact Factor (IF) "ANIMAL SCIENCE PAPERS AND REPORTS is currently 1.078 and the point value according to the MEiN list of journals - 100 points

Submission of manuscript
It is understood between the Authors and the Editor that a submitted paper has not been and will not be published elsewhere without the editor’s written permission. Authors’ abstracts are the only exception and may be published if full acknowledgement of the source is made.
Only articles in clear English (preferably British English spelling) are accepted. The manuscripts should be submitted in electronic form through e-mail to editor@igbzpan.pl. The text and tables should be submitted in the RTF or DOC(X) format in a single file whereas illustrations should comply with JPEG or TIFF of printable resolution layouts.
Having received the manuscript the editor decides whether it is to be considered or dismissed, thus giving up publication of the article. In the first case the subsequent procedure depends on the reviews submitted by one/two single-blind reviewers.
The Editor reserves the right to make the final decision as to publish or not an article.

Structure of the manuscript
The length of a complete article, i.e. text, tables, illustrations and list of references should not exceed 14 ISO A4 sheets (double spaced, margins 2-3 cm). A single table should not exceed an A4 sheet. Pages and lines on each page should be numbered consecutively.
The first text page should contain the title of the paper, short title, forenames (in full) and surname of each author followed by the name(s) and full address(es) of the institution(s) of authors’ affiliation(s).
The text should normally be divided into: abstract (untitled; containing the goal, problem definition, key aspects of methods, results on which conclusion was reached) of 200-250 words, key words (up to six terms from the latest CAB Thesaurus edition), a short review of literature justifying the research (untitled), Material and methods, Results and discussion (including conclusions), Acknowledgements (if applicable), References.
Authors are asked to look over the present issue and follow the presentation of the texts.

The full list of references should be printed on a separate sheet in alphabetical order and include only papers cited in the text. Different papers having the same author(s) and year should be distinguished by consecutive lower case letters following the year of publication. The list should contain surnames and initials of all authors, year, full title of an article, full name of the periodical, volume number, first and last page numbers. When conference proceedings are cited the full name of the conference, venue and dates must be given.
In the text refer to the author’s name (without initials) and year of publication in brackets, e.g. [Smith 2005a].
Tables and measurement units
Tables, together with their captions, can be placed within the text or appear each on a separate sheet, at the end of the manuscript. Tables should be numbered consecutively in the order of their first citation in the text.
All measurement units should follow the SI system.

Illustrations should be reproducible (in JPEG or TIFF format). Figures should be professionally drawn or photographed; freehand or typewritten lettering is unacceptable. Titles and detailed explanations in the illustration captions that are not a part of illustrations themselves should be presented together on a separate sheet at the end of the paper. All illustrations (diagrams, photos, etc.) should be referred to as „Fig.” or „Photo” and numbered consecutively in the order in which they first appear in the text.
Only black-and-white figures or plots will be printed free of charge. Otherwise, the fee will depend on the number and quality of the figures.

Galley proofs
Galley proofs will be sent by e-mail to the corresponding author and should be corrected and returned within five days of receipt.
The publication of the text and black-and-white illustrations is free of charge.

As soon as the article is published, the author is considered to have transferred his rights to the publisher. Requests for reproduction shall be sent to the latter.
For direct purchase of individual issues please contact the Editorial Office (editor@igbzpan.pl).
Price of annual subscription: 100 PLN (Poland) / 100 EUR (Europe) / 150 USD (Rest of the world)